What does a funding advisor/consultant do?

What does a funding advisor/consultant do?

Our campaign “Know your funding with Omega Consulting” continues, so today we will try to give you some hints about the main activities of a funding advisor or consultant.

Usually consultants are contracted by beneficiaries to bring their expertise and experience in the field of non-reimbursable funds and to help companies obtain the desired grant.

It’s not an easy job, as the role of a funding advisor is complex, given that he/she should cover a wide range of specific skills and competencies (economic, financial, legal, marketing, administrative, communication, procurement). Practically his role is defining in the shaping and implementation of the project.
The whole funding process covers a wide range of consulting activities such as:
• identify and select the best funding sources
• develop a funding application
• submitting the funding application
• assistance during the evaluation and contracting phase
• full implementation services
• financial management
• implementation management
• reporting
• publicity
• ongoing communication with public authorities and project partners)
• post implementation services (reporting on the project results after implementation).
Given the specific activities mentioned above, some of the best indicators for successful funding advisors are experience, knowledge and flexibility.

Most companies have a very well defined internal personnel scheme and all human resources are allocated to a specific activity. Thus, the consultant’s role in this context is to take the burden of developing and implementing the application and guide the beneficiary through all of the project stages.

For more details, you can visit Omega Consulting website and follow their page on Facebook and LinkedIn. Next week we’ll approach another essential subject: “What are European Funds?”

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