Meet the CxO

Meet the CxO is an interview series with the members of our cluster, the visionaries, the misfits, those who challenged the world because they had what they thought at the moment a better view and understanding. Years started to pass for each of them. They were blessed with successes and with failures, but one thing they do not regret: making the big step becoming an entrepreneur. This year we want to bring forth those who had the courage to become a challenger for the big IT companies that seemed to cover everything.

Each interview is focused on 2 main areas: personal and business. In the first part, we want to unveil the person behind the CxO. What are his aspirations, what made him become an entrepreneur, what are his accomplishments and failures. In the second part we investigate his business, his vision, and most importantly – how is his or hers company innovative and creative in order to be able to win and become the leader in his niche