Become a member

Become a member

What is Smart Alliance Membership?

Smart Alliance membership insures you with access to the valuable knowledge, network and resources that help you improve and advance.



  • Members are ICT companies represented by their respective CEO (or a appointed representative) with annual business turnover of RON 500,000 or experts and professionals recognized in their fields and their involvement and impact in society
  • To become a member, at least one recommendation from existing members is required;
  • The application for membership is approved by the Board of Directors for each new member
  • Integrity and business ethics is an important value of the Smart Alliance cluster. Membership may be refused or withdrawn if there is an investigation, prosecution or conviction
  • Members volunteer their time and expertise to contribute to the Smart Alliance cluster projects
  • Membership requires a monthly financial contribution/ a membership fee. Startup members do not pay this fee (the startup member fulfills at the same time the following conditions: it has up to 3 years from setting up and below RON 500 000 turnover).

Why to become a member of Smart Alliance?

Benefits of Membership

  1. promotion of members and transfer of specialized knowledge, access to specialized information and collaboration with other cluster members and partners (firms, research institutes, universities, non-governmental organizations);
  2. identifying new business partners from the entire technology chain, from suppliers to potential customers (intra and inter clusters)
  3. development of the quality brand under the umbrella of the cluster – belonging to a dedicated structure confers the delivered product-service, an additional guarantee for quality;
  4. Participating in the calendar of events and activities of the Smart Alliance cluster, including networking opportunities and cooperation
  5. Periodic information on trends and innovations in the digital industry (through the internal portal, newsletters, messaging)
  6. be part of a group of innovation-centered entities and on the growth of the group’s market performance, focusing on developing programs that address both the Start-Up and the young people’s interest in their professional development on the banks of the school at the Smart Academy
  7. Facilitating access to know-how and expertise of other national or international members or partners, as well as access to international research and innovation results by associating with international clusters (with members of the European Union and beyond).
  8. Easy identification of consultants and experts appropriate to their field, as well as the creation of new ideas and partnerships for project development;
  9. The power of joint negotiation: the possibility of developing inter-partnerships and joining together where there are analyzed cumulative needs for which there is an increased negotiation capacity in the name of the whole association so that it can develop proposals for legislative projects, local / national strategies, unitary voice regional level of the sector.
  10. Increased visibility and increased influence in the sector of activity in which it operates

*  Many more ongoing benefits (See Member’s Guide)

Types of Membership

Learn about member types –  Download here
Please allow 45 days for application review and approval notification.
We reserve the right to accept or refuse new members.

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