Understanding cyber security skills shortages and training needs in manufacturing and logistic sectors

Understanding cyber security skills shortages and training needs in manufacturing and logistic sectors

On Friday 28th of April 2023, 10.30 EET, Smart Alliance introduced the Cluster at the Webinar, organized under the auspices of Cyrus project.

Cyrus Project2


1. Cyrus Project Overview The project initiative suggests a cutting-edge training system to develop an innovative DNA on cybersecurity for Transport and Manufacturing organizations. The CYRUS framework aims to employ novel ways for training implementation and delivery and to provide a comprehensive set of skills and procedures to be vigilant in identifying and responding to cyber-attacks. Using virtualization specialized cyber-range simulations in operational settings and work-based learning will enable quick and effective course delivery, eliminating existing challenges and increasing interest in the awareness program and cyber security best practices. We want to thank you for your participation in the CYRUS Research Project. The outcomes of this activity would support us in identifying the competencies existing in today’s workforces and the need for re-skilling along with the loopholes in the current training offers, skill gaps, and training needs better to understand discrepancies between educational and work skill requirements.

2. Approach to understanding skills shortages and training needs As part of this project, we aim to identify the relevant skills shortage of the sectors of interest, define the required competencies in today’s workforce, and re-skilling needs. To do that, we would need your support in filling in two online questionnaires, which will help better understand your internal cyber security processes, educational paths, and training needs. By participating in this activity, you will have access to the preliminary results of the surveys and the opportunity to participate in several pilot training sessions that will be carried out at the end of 2024.

3. Synergies with Wallachia eHub project (EDIH)

4. Guidance for the online questionnaire

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