Smart Alliance – Innovation Technology Cluster, brighten up a schoolyard in Zarnesti, Romania

Smart Alliance – Innovation Technology Cluster, brighten up a schoolyard in Zarnesti, Romania

Smart Alliance – Innovation Technology Cluster, the biggest cluster dedicated to promoting and supporting Romanian innovation in IT&C, renovated the courtyard of General School No.4 in Tohanu Nou – Zarnesti, Brasov County.

For a weekend, 110 employees from Smart Alliance Cluster companies worked together to give a new look to General School No.4 in Tohanu Nou, Zarnesti, Brasov. The Cluster’s teambuilding activities were dedicated to planting trees, flowers and lawn, as well as mending pathways, benches and installing garbage containers in the school’s yard.

Any prosperous society is based on a healthy education, and our action was meant to build for every student a proper environment to best express oneself and to enjoy the school in its entirety. We strongly believe that education takes place in the classroom as well as outside it.

“The commitment in supporting the development of the Romanian education process is one of the pillars we have built our cluster on. Alongside international projects, we are concentrating a great deal on the creation of an institutional education hub that will bridge the Romanian education system and the business environment. The activities carried out during our teambuilding stands as a proof of our dedication towards education and a brighter future of Romania’s children” says Gabriel MUNTEANU, president of Smart Alliance – Innovation Technology Cluster.

Smart Alliance Cluster is indebted to Environ Association, our CSR partner for the action in Zarnesti, as none of the activities there would have been possible without its expertise and support. Environ Association is committed to a shared approach and a strong cooperation between representatives of the business community, public and local administration, recyclers, professional organizations and the civil society. Environ Association is permanently driven on improving environmental performance.

Environ Associations is permanently developing sustained partnerships with businesses and organizations, being involved in CSR actions, educational and awareness campaigns on proper waste management, energy efficiency and climate changes.


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