Reporting Center prepares to enter the US market

Reporting Center prepares to enter the US market

Reporting Center was chosen from a selected group of companies outside the US to participate in a two weeks bootcamp in Boston where they will learn how to conduct business in one of the toughest markets.

Being a SME in Eastern Europe is not easy, as we can see among all our members. Some of the difficulties they are confronted with are the low number of valuable candidates to choose from, given that most of them flee to Western Countries or they prefer working for multinationals, the high bureaucracy and the preconceptions about Eastern Countries. When our members first established contact with foreign markets, they had to prove themselves more than others, even though their products and/or services were much better. Now, almost 60% of the turnover of most of our members is made outside the borders, in the Western markets.

Reporting Center was chosen because of the amazing results obtained from the moment they emerged on the Romanian market up until now. In addition, our member was analyzed from a technological point of view and how its products are innovative and have the potential to become a must have for the companies that activate in their niche. Besides that, Reporting Center proved they are competitive with both their products and their mindset as a company, as this is extremely important in order to learn” how to do business in the American way”.

In the bootcamp they will learn how to understand the US market, how to identify the growth/scaling opportunity and they will learn about the legal hardships they have to overcome regarding IPs/patents, contracts, immigration and more. Moreover, they will discover how to define the right route to market, how and when to capitalize on the right ecosystem when it comes to vendors/manufacturers, finance their market entry and more. Finally, the participants will each be hosted for up to 10 days by a certified Soft Landing site in the US that will provide programming/services which specifically cater to the various industry sectors and match the needs of each applicant.

”I found out about this opportunity when I received one of the weekly newsletters from our cluster. When Reporting Center came to life it was because the European banking market needed a product that could understand both its technological and business processes, something that is called <<Purple Expertise>>. We develop Business Intelligence Solutions, with a focus on Regulatory Banking Reporting. Most of our clients are banks from Romania and Moldova, but we started to implement BI in other industries as well. Two years ago Reporting Center came to life as a natural expression of myself, and now we will go to learn more about the US market, as a natural growth of our company” said Elena UNCIULEANU, CEO Reporting Center.

Before going to Boston this October, there will be an online training in September, as the bootcamp, besides learning, offers a great networking opportunity, with many investors and R&D companies ready to create a partnership.



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