Meet the CxO, Florentina Ispas – Commercial Director, EasyPay Systems

Meet the CxO, Florentina Ispas – Commercial Director, EasyPay Systems

Tell us a few words about how your company started.

EasyPay, it’s a Romanian group of companies that was founded in 2010 as a self-service solutions manufacturer, with the purpose of obtaining a constant growth and leader position which was fulfilled through a well-consolidated team with common goals to sustain the high performance, best service, and quality products.

What drives you each day?

The desire to optimize and sustain as many businesses and domains with our self-service kiosks which are developed to reduce costs, increase the service quality, and also to increase the revenue.

What do you believe are the 3 main accomplishments that brought you here today?

Our main focus to offer the best service, to understand the purpose of our customers and to deliver the correct product at the correct price.

What do you believe are the 3 main failures that brought you here today?

We do not consider them failures, we consider experience.

Do you ever disconnect from the office? How?

Our business means to be almost 24/7 connected to the enterprise.

Tell us more about the business you are running. Let’s start with the number of clients you currently work on (name them if possible)

EasyPay Group is split into 3 main companies: the mother company, EasyPay System with 1000 payment terminals network implemented in the Romanian market where the customers can use more than 240 payment services, EasyPay Production which manufacures customized self-service kiosk for any domain, and Easy Technix offering services for maintenance and service for kiosks and components.

What is your most beloved project you worked on?

Each project is special for us because we are dedicating all our efforts to be a successful one, for us and for our customers as well.

What project forced you to be creative and innovative (if possible)?

Each project it’s different and customized so for each solution, so we need to be 100% involved because each domain it comes with different requests and challenges.

What makes your company different from others in your field of expertise?

We are offering complete services to all our customers:

-customized solutions

-best delivery term due to the fact that we are working with stocks

-check room dedicated for customer for software implementation and last check before packing

-access in real time to the production status

-warehousing in 2000sqm

-loading and transport support

-technical support

-training for customer regarding the use and maintenance of the kiosks

What advice do you have for a young entrepreneur?

With passion, patience, correct decisions and a dedicated team close to you, the business will be a successfully one. Also, each “failure” to be considered just a challenge which must be accomplished.

What do you want to accomplish in the next year? 

We continue our journey to fulfill Europe market with our self-service solutions.

Why did you join Smart Alliance – Innovation Technology Cluster?

We have a good presence in media and events, so by joining the Cluster we have a great support and access to the companies which may need our products as well as we can find the correct people and services which we are looking in our activity

How does it benefit you?

It’s a faster and shortest way to discuss with interested people in our products and vice versa.

Florentina Ispas – Commercial Director, EasyPay System

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