Load Testing

Load Testing

It is the first step that you have to take as an owner of an e-commerce platform when a very busy period is up next, as Black Friday, or other events that will bring lots of traffic on your website. More than that, load testing is part of a scientific methodology that is based on analyzed and compared results which will create a work principle that assumes the continuous evolution to reach the highest of performances.

Because preventing is better than healing, the load testing process is represented by a simulation that is conducted to verify the maximum capacity of simultaneous users that the tested platform can hold. This specific type of test is also conducted for programs and applications, not just for websites.

Load testing can measure the response time, the level of resources and the moment when the application reaches its critical point. Practically, this kind of test answers to the questions: “Is the system going to respond how I want it to respond?” & “Is the performance of the system good enough?”. A full diagnostic has to be made to see what are the platform capabilities, of the programs capabilities and the apps as well to find out where the “pain” is and treat it.

How much money can you lose in a second? There is no right or wrong answer, but in any case we can say that it goes to +∞. Any second can be vital to an e-commerce platform in the periods that you know it will you bring lots of website traffic. Also, minimizing the risks that you take is another purpose of this kind of test.

A load testing action must have at its core a consumer behavior analysis, that points out the way the user will action or reaction, fact that contributes in creating an efficient and without problems experience. Thus the results by using a personalized consumer behavior analysis will be much more helpful after a load testing that was carried out by using a simulation with facts as close to reality as they can be, versus the results that will use general problems, without having any consumer behavior analysis.

Besides busy moments of the year, like Black Friday or holidays, when we talk about load testing we actually talk about a culture of identifying the existent capabilities and the amount of users the platform or the application can sustain. Those who wish for performances use this methodology to optimize their costs, avoiding the risk of over dimension or under dimension the infrastructure.

With a vast experience in scaling the web applications and the e-commerce platforms, Spearhead Systems brings to the table this methodology and to offer to its consumers fast scaling solutions for the short-term very busy moments of the year, where the internet traffic and the users actions will amplify, as well as long-term, for a business culture based on high performance.


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