Linux crash course – intensive course for administrator

Linux crash course – intensive course for administrator

During 24-28 October in Bucharest an intensive course for administrators will begin. The course will be held by Marius Pană, founder and GM of Spearhead Systems. The course is branded Mathias Kettner GmBh from Germany.

Why linux? Because Linux is focused on stability and security. Thus it became one of the most wanted open source technologies, in Romania but on a world scale as well. The experts from Spearhead Systems team that are holding this course are certified by Mathias Kettner GmBh from Germany. Also, during this course, the theoretical notions are doubled by the practical experience of the trainer, Marius Pană.

During a week, the students will learn how to manage Linux operating systems, regardless of their used distribution by employing the command line. Also, they will learn about the commands and important and common configuration files, but also about the starting procedure of the system and about the processes of the operating system. The tools and software that will be used by the Linux administrators are: tar, cron, tar, gzip and zip, nfs, samba și apache, secure shell.

For more details about the course you can find on the dedicated page of the event. Access the full agenda of the event and reserve your spot at the training because the seats are limited! The registrations are made at


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