Learn to monitor your systems with Check_MK

Learn to monitor your systems with Check_MK

For IT professionals who are looking to expand their expertise we are bringing to Romania one of the most popular training courses from Germany – System monitoring with Check_MK.

During our basic course: “System monitoring with Check_MK”, you will learn how to set up a professional monitoring system and how to structure it in a sensitive way to monitor the network, servers, operating systems and applications.

A new series of concepts will be introduced like:

  • Automatic discovery and configuration of monitored services
  • Configuration based on rules operable according with the hosts tags, representing an advantage especially if you work in complex environments
  • Distributed Monitoring (a centralized visualization of multiple servers that are monitored)
  • Graphic interface personable

At the end you will understand the advantages of Check_MK in comparison with other systems and why users are so pleased with this system. More details you can find on the dedicated page of the event. See the complete agenda of the event and make a reservation because there are limited seats.

Registrations are made at contact@sphs.ro


Cosmina Martiniuc | Specialist Marketing

0728 878 344


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