Documenta will launch during IM World 2016 the ”Your office everywhere” concept

Documenta will launch during IM World 2016 the ”Your office everywhere” concept

On 5th and 6th of October we invite you to visit our stand to experiment what mobility and rapid access to information mean in a digital world.

The concept is simple: mobility and information are 2 vital keys for those who want to have a long lasting performance. By using Documenta you can have both – access to your work environment without being at a desk or by asking your colleagues. Wherever you are you can have secured access to all the necessary information of your professional activity.

” Where is document X?”, ”When was the address from institution Y received?”, ”When does the Z contract expire?”

Does this type of question sound familiar to you?

  • Did you know that in Romania over 60% of the employees spend over an hour recreating documents that already exist?
  • 360 lei (79 euro) is the average cost for finding a document that was wrongfully filed.

Come to Documenta stand to find out more about how you can manage your time and your colleagues. Documenta encourages you to save your time and for the loved ones.


Competition powered by Documenta!

Documenta sends you to theatre and recreational spectacles!

Vino la standul nostru, inscrie-te in concurs si ai sansa sa castigi invitatii la concerte, filme si teatru sau marele premiu – un smartphone.

Come to our stand, enlist in our competition and you have the chance to win invites at concerts, movies and theatre or the big prize – a smartphone.

Use documenta and you will have more time for you and your passions!


Documenta – Your office everywhere!



Tel: 021 336 3368

Mobil: 0755058080

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