Cosmin MĂCĂNEAȚĂ, Managing Partner Omega Trust – GDPR is a game changer for all, an evolution the European customers wanted

Cosmin MĂCĂNEAȚĂ, Managing Partner Omega Trust – GDPR is a game changer for all, an evolution the European customers wanted

14th of February, Bucharest – Omega Trust partnered with Farmexim and organized the first event of 2018 that addressed the GDPR impact. As the GDPR will come in force starting with 25th of May this year, Omega Trust and Farmexim started a series of events that will present to the pharmaceutical industry what does this European Regulation mean and how will it influence the life of drug stores and distributors, among others.

Farmexim is one of the biggest drugs businesses in Romania. With a history of 28 years, the Farmexim Group is formed out of Farmexim, drugs distributor, the network of drugs stores Help Net and Green Net, distributor of cosmetics and perfumes. With over 544 million Euros in turnover, the Farmexim Group managed to stay on top by listening to the needs of the customers, clients and partners, as well as foreseeing them. One of those needs is to become compliant with the new rules that are imposed by the GDPR, an unprecedented set of regulations that will change forever the meaning of protecting the personal data, and the pharmaceutical business is no exception.

In order to present the meaning and the risks that come with the non-compliance to the GDPR, Farmexim needed a company that can withstand the pressure of this regulation and what it implies, but most important to be able to help companies become compliant.

Omega Trust is one of the leading companies in IT audit and consultancy in Romania, with a preoccupation to the GDPR and European Funds. Since 2017, Omega Trust implemented and helped companies across Europe become compliant with the new regulation, and held one of the first exhaustive events in Romania on this “necessary evil”, in partnership with one of the biggest law firms and technology distributor. (you can read more here)

“The partnership with Farmexim helps us to spread the message – GDPR is a game changer for all, an evolution the European customers wanted. Even if its seen as a “necessary evil”, we have to understand that in order to become compliant, a company must first understand that each company is unique, the audit to see what it needs takes time and there is no magical formula that can be replicated. Second, there are risks but benefits as well. If you become compliant fast, your customers will see you as a transparent, European and powerful company, if not, the fines can reach up to 4{9aa0400c31a0d01c2f7c7ddcba6c4fe95da63a3d2a600327922bd2799984742a} of your global turnover or 20 million euro and the impact is far greater than this. This new regulation will turn on a new leaf in what customers and businesses alike understand to protect the personal data and there is no turning point from here. Considering that we have almost 4 months until the GDPR becomes active, companies must act now.” said Cosmin MĂCĂNEAȚĂ, Managing Partner Omega Trust.

The event took place under the patronage of the Pharmacists College in Romania being part of the program Benefica, developed by Farmexim.


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