Aghireșu City Hall Awarded at Gala 2017 for the implementation of an integrated software system.

Aghireșu City Hall Awarded at Gala 2017 for the implementation of an integrated software system.

Aghireşu City Hall received the Excellence Award for the project “Public Service Delivery Improvement, Internal Framework and Processes Optimization through implementation of an integrated software system” in the “Best Practices for the Application of Modern Technologies in Administration” category.

The prize was awarded at the 13th edition of’s Gala, which took place on October 12, 2017, at the Ramada Parc Hotel in Bucharest. The event highlights the best results from the local public administration in Romania, illustrating the efforts made for the development of this system, the positive initiatives of the specialists, as well as the important projects that the representatives of the local and central administration have supported.

Aghireşu City Hall replaced the existing, on premise system, with an integrated software system that allows the automation of most of the actions and workflows carried out, in communication with subordinated institutions or third-party institutions.

Revenue management, accounting, agricultural registers and hall registry departments received dedicated software solutions which store data in the same database. That allows operations between revenue management, budget accounting, and registries to be integrated, eliminating repetitive processes and greatly reducing the time it took to manually enter information. Specific connectors have been implemented for communication with third-party institutions (ANAF, SNEP), and a software solution for managing documents and workflows was implemented for streamlining internal information exchange. An update of the street nomenclature preceded the data import into the new system, an essential step for harmonizing taxpayer address data’s across the institution.

Interoperability between the integrated IT system modules provides optimal support for decision-making, improves the services offered by the City Hall and overall communication with citizens. Avansis (integrated software system) allows managers to proactively steer operations, prevents disruptions and delays, breaks up information logjams and helps users make decisions more quickly.” said Marius Turiac, Integrisoft Solutions project manager.

Integrisoft Solutions is one of the largest vendors of integrated software systems for Local Public Administration. Avansis integrated system components register over 3000 users from over 200 mayors of cities and municipalities across the country and Bucharest Districts City Halls.

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