[:en]200.000 EUR for micro-enterprises starting June 2016 EU Funds[:]

[:en]200.000 EUR for micro-enterprises starting June 2016 EU Funds[:]


By the end of May, a final applicant’s guide for the funding programme POR 2.1 a will be available as announced by the Ministry of Regional Development. The programme provides a 200.000 EUR grant for Romanian micro-enterprises in urban areas.

Tomorrow, May 26th, Ministry of Regional Development (MDRAP) will organize a conference where Deputy Prime Minister Vasile Dancu – Minister of Regional Development will communicate the official launch of the call for projects under the Regional Operational Programme 2.1 a for urban micro-enterprises.

Most likely, the funding programme will be implemented according to the following schedule:

  • Final Applicant’s Guide Launch: May 26th 2016;
  • Applications preparation period: May 26th – July 26th 2016;
  • Continuous submission period: July 26th – November 30th.

The information presented above have been estimated based on news and information released today by the representatives of the Ministry of Regional Development (MDRAP) and can undergo further changes.

For more details on this funding program, please see the following news based on the latest Applicant’s Guide version available today – here: http://www.omega-consulting.ro/eu-funds-for-development-of-urban-micro-enterprises/

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