People of Smart Alliance – Innovation Technology Cluster – Dana BUTUC

People of Smart Alliance – Innovation Technology Cluster – Dana BUTUC

When you picture Dana, you picture the energy of observation, of taking notice, of experiencing life. Dana is consciously making attention the first and foremost important gift from her to you and everything else comes after.

Why did you choose this company to work?

I choose this company because it presented the opportunity to work on various challenging projects and within an young and professional team.

Who’s the biggest innovator for you?

In my opinion, Elon Musk is the biggest innovator of our time. As a young child he always dreamed of going into space and following that dream resulted into SpaceX, a company that revolutionized the space industry.

What project made you proud of your work?

My favorite project was the implementation of AvanDoc for the City Hall District 5. It was a big challenge for me and my team because we had to teach 250 employees to use the platform.

If an outsider were to look at your team, what would they say?

Commitment for delivering quality.

What was the biggest struggle your team had to overcome?

Conflict between users of different departments is always a big struggle to work with. By trying to facilitate a healthy discussion in wich all the parties are heard  and make each user feel that he or she has been given a fair chance to present his or her oppinion is the approach that worked.

If God would ask you to build an app, what do you think it would be?

A CRM, because God has a lot to work with.


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