The Trio That Drives Online Success UX – Maintenance – Business

The Trio That Drives Online Success UX – Maintenance – Business

Did you know that a key component for online success is a properly maintained and UX optimized website, e-shop or app? On May 16th, Zitec and their partners Credit Europe, Narada and Electrica Furnizare invite you to join this live offline event! Find out how the support of an experienced tech team for constant updates, maintenance and optimizations is the perfect ingredient that will most likely propel your business to its full online potential.

We promise you an atypical experience where you will have access to a panel of talented tech experts and business owners. You can ask them all the why’s and how’s needed to achieve client loyalty or scale exponentially through optimized user experiences and constant web monitoring and improvements. Count your victories!

Our colleague, Haliliuc Iorgu, represented the Smart Alliance Cluster at this event.

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Zitec is a member of the Smart Alliance Technology Cluster.

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