Smart Business Technology Series – Episode 2

On April 5th starting with 12.00 hrs. at Oracle office, four founding members of Smart Alliance: Reporting Center, New Business Dimensions, Wing Leading Edge and Mware Solutions joined forces and presented their solutions built on Oracle technology that address the challenge of IFRS9 for banking.


The Challenge:

The January 2018 transition to the new impairment model under IFRS9 is already keeping everyone busy and will do so even more as the deadline for implementation is closer. Implications are far reaching in any banking institution, from risk to finance, from IT to treasury, from business units to the Board of Directors. The operational complexity inherent in the Expected Credit Loss model of IFRS9 can only be solved and controlled by designing, implementing and maintaining a sound applications environment that uses quality data sources for required computations and reporting.


The event was addressed to banking specialists who had the opportunity to debate the complexity of application methods and methodologies used in implementation and last but not least were able to test “hand-on” the technology and applications


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