T2 (tpatrat)

T2 (tpatrat)

T2 SRL is a consultancy company focused on providing of assistance and solutions in the implementation of e-solutions and services for the private sector, public institutions, and any other organizations.

The range of services provided by T2 SRL is focused on the “e” triad (eLearning, eBusiness and eGovernment) and it consists of activities of analysis, designing of solutions, and identification of partners in order to develop and implement the solutions with a strong focus on the assessment of the proposed solutions efficiency.

T2 it provides comprehensive solutions for eLearning, Analytics, Big Data, Enterprise Integration, Data Management, and Document Automation. With modern eLearning platforms and expertise in data analysis, Big Data, and Enterprise Integration, T2 optimizes organizational processes, ensuring an efficient flow of information and customized solutions in a dynamic technology environment.

Area of expertise

  • Analytics, Big Data, Enteprise Integration
  • Data Management & Document Automation
  • eLearning & Content Development